Perspective lab I worked for got a new office

Let me intro this post with a damn cool video recently released by the very company you’re gonna hear all about

So, sometime ago…I sold a car to this dude – Richard “The Rockstar” Mulholland.

Richard arrived on our showroom floor wearing shorts, sneakers, spikey hair and was covered in tattoo’s, as you’ve obviously just seen…not your average Lexus client. I ended up selling Richard the most expensive car we had on our showroom floor, but more than that, got a long with the guy, because he’s a rockstar.


Due to our mutual appreciation for fine cars and service, which I think is the reason Richard tried to get me to work for his company…I said no…then said no again when he got me an interview at Investec…finally, I came to my senses and decided to join Rich…! in his new venture called Thunk!


Best part of all, I got to work for this dude too – Don “The really, really, ridiculously good looking” Packett:

Needless to say, working for these guys led me to do, experience, talk about and see amazing things I had never heard of before…or never thought of actually doing:

Thunk! The company I worked for, with walls painted by these very hands! Has now become something much easier for people to repeat when you say it to them…and something far more awesome 🙂

Introducing…21 Tanks!



The way “they” explain what the company does is simple enough:

“When a group of smart people are struggling with an innovation based problem, it’s never a lack of knowledge that’s holding them back – it’s a lack of perspective. We sell perspective!”


The way “I” explain what the company does is a little more flattering:

“A group of rockstars, dedicated to being on the forefront of business, tech, social and marketing innovation. They take all the random crap they constantly, and consistently, read, hear, see or do…and package it into an idea that can help companies solve a variety of problems. These are people who know nothing about your business, but know a lot about what works in the real world. Having someone who isn’t ingrained in your company politics and targets, but is dedicated to solving problems and innovating the way businesses are run, treat their employees or talk to their consumers is an invaluable asset for any company to have.

An educated outsiders perspective…that’s what they sell!”



That’s right, if my words weren’t enough to convince you…here’s a glimpse at their war room! 😉




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dude! Don’t forget you helped to build what this machine is today. Much respect, this post has honestly made me all warm and fuzzy inside. For real real.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I miss you Ricc.Too rad, thanks so much bro!

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