10 ads that inspired me to find the songs

It amazes me how much great music in my iTunes library comes from TV commercials.

Over the years I’ve built a fond relationship with a few bands, simply because I heard the song in an ad promoting whiskey, cars or war-hardened soldiers out to kill the locust horde!


Anyway, I’m proud to introduce just 10 of the many ads I could actually find online, some of which were produced in South Africa I’ll have you know 😉

1. J&B “1.618”

Band: RJD2

Song: Smoke & Mirrors

This song used to come on TV just before the 8 o’clock movie on ETV, and happens to be the first song from a TV ad that caught my ear. The bit at 39sec is awesome.


2. MTN “Gandini”

Band: RJD2

Song: Ghostwriter

Who woulda thought…just a few months after I tracked down RJD2 from the J&B ad and started loving Ghostwriter, this ad comes on TV and I’m like “Dude! That’s R2D2! I mean RJD2 or something!”


3. Nike “Chosen”

Band: Hanni El-Khatib’s

Song: I got a thing

Now this, this ridiculously sweet video treat of awesomeness is what has me up at 1am writing about music in advertising. The song is pretty awesome, but unfortunately the artist doesn’t live up to the remix you hear here…but regardless, still well worth the listen.


4. VW “Grumpy kid who could have been sorted out with a simple face-five”

Band: Arno Carstens

Song: Another universe

Right, so back to the SA ads I remember o so well. This one hits the spot simply because we all feel that special bond with our dads at times…plus…taking a piss on the side of the road is the greatest way to depict us for who we are as men.


5. Gears of war 3 “Ashes to ashes”

Band: Sun Kil Moon

Song: Heron blue


Mark Kozelek from Sun Kil Moon has become a regular feature in my “Chilled” playlist. The second I heard this song I decided…there we go…I’m keeping my damn ears open from now on so I can track awesome bands I’ve never heard of like this!


6. Dante’s Inferno “Go to hell”

Band: Bill Withers

Song: Aint no sunshine

Well, with this ad the song isn’t exactly new or anything, but the fact that this soldier of evil who’s actually just trying to save his wife from the depths of hell jumps into an abyys of monsters and fire…I can’t help but have a new found appreciation for someone as timed as Bill WIthers.



7. Heineken “The entrance”

Band: The asteroids galaxy tour

Song: Golden age

A happy tune I just couldn’t resist, but again, the music once you delve into it is rather monotonous.




8. Nokia “Dragonfly love”

Band: Kap Bambino

Song: New breath

A story about two fat guys in remote location having a robotic dragonfly fight…I couldn’t decide whether I liked the song at first or not, but it grows on you. The electro-punk scene is pretty damn immense, and something I’ll stay clear away from…but for the purpose of expanding my musical tastes, “New breath” is a great song to try out as an appetiser.



9. Ford “2011 Mustang”

Band: Band of skulls

Song: Light of the morning

In no way their best song, Band of skulls is definitely another addition to my playlist simply because of two things that were seamlessly thrown together…a Ford Mustang and Rocking tunes…sold!



10. VW “Beat”

Band: Jet

Song: Be my girl

And we finish off the musical adlist with a commercial that must have aired 4 years ago back home in South Africa. In a time when Jet was never heard of in bars, clubs and house parties…the ad launched at a good time and stired a lot of interest into this new wave of rock that kinda lends itself to bands like Band of skulls, Cage the elephant and Kasabian.








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