5 great marketing campaigns I saw at Cannes Lion

So after traveling the amazing maze of advertising at Cannes Lions, I stumbled across a few ideas that really got my attention. Below are just some of the awesome stories, and I hope these provide you with a little inspiration…

1. Surprise Cat walk

Advertiser/Client: The Salvation army secondhand shop

I loved this simply because it’s an idea anyone could have thought of, simple, to the point and it adds a sentiment of fun to the people strutting their stuff down the catwalk


2. Decode Jay-Z with Bing

Advertiser/Client: Bing/Jay-Z

Now this campaign won itself a Gold Lion at Cannes this year. It’s awesome, based on the fact that it tries to integrate various traditions of marketing, from billboards to online videos, the campaign itself was well thought out and brilliantly executed. Google may have been your big brother pushing dirt in your face Bing, but somewhere along the line you learnt some Krav Maga and are starting to kick ass 😉



3. SportScheck Sporty Vouchers


Advertiser/Client: Ogilvy, Germany


This, is by far my favourite of them all. In a place where flyers on a windshield was probebly the last idea on any marketers mind, SportsScheck decided…”wait a second, doesn’t the snow on that car remind you of a mountain?” and boom! These guys went the whole nine yards and even left track marks and foot prints…now tell me that’s not awesome?


Damn German video sites won’t embed, so you’re gonna have to check out the link (I hate inconsistency)

4. Tesco subway virtual store

Advertiser/Client: Tesco

I great idea in the South Korean which saw virtual shopping aisles pop up in subways. The reason why this works are plentiful – It could be the fact that Tesco went to the consumer instead of waiting for them to step in the store, it could be that the execution is pretty strange and unique making it a little more interesting to pay attention to or it could be the fact that staff, training and production costs come down due to the fact that online ordering lowers your overheads…either way, I thought it was pretty sweet.


5. Track tape, Hot wheels

Advertiser/Client: Mattel

Right, so I may be saving the best for last. Anyone can see why this is awesome, but what makes it unique in my opinion is perfectly captured in this quote from the video: “We decided that the best way to achieve this, was not a campaign, but a product”


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