Eat with your pen, punch with your mug – incredible innovations from Fred & friends

Honestly…for a man to get excited about buying a spaghetti spoon, you know something’s up.

Fred & friends is a website so awesome I can honestly say that if there isn’t an item in there you don’t want to buy…you have a problem with your awesome bone…that’s the one between your bottom distal phalanx and your skull.

The reason I loved browsing the site is that I have the excitment levels of a drunk monkey! And now I’m a monkey who has incredible crap to fill his tree up with. On a serious note…you kinda need to appreciate the fact that every one of these simple items was innovated in a fun way (more on that after the awesome pics)





In my humble opinion…fun and adding value to something people use regularly, is the frontier of business and society as a whole. It’s the one way you can truly reach people and have them sell your product for you if needs be. I also love the fact that each one of these products is based on a pretty common household item, and they innovated what was there and created something people can appreciate.

I’m not trying to say that these guys are inventors themselves, I’m just saying that a fresh approach to a simple problem can sometimes lead to greater things. You need to find the inspiration before you make the change…whether that’s positive or negative, which a smart mo’fo once told me:

Innovation is changing the things you hate, because you hate them, and know you can make them better!Rich…! Mulholland


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