What boys would do if they actually won the lottery

Yip, that’s right…an ad that depicts exactly what a group of guys would do if they won the lottery…and they hit the nail on the head with this one! 😉

The ad received coverage on a couple of great sites including Engadget, Crunch Gear and Geekologie.

And the one thing I found strange is that the Washington Lottery said: “The campaign, strapline Play Together, Win Together, aims to position the Lottery as a social experience and encourages friends to play it together to make their dreams come true.”


Great…inspiring almost…so, why not celebrate that idea by providing people with a way of answering the question you just asked me?

“What have you and your friends always wanted to do?”

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube…pretty easy win if a brand wanted to get a little coverage. But I digress…the ad’s too rad for all this corporate/social media mumbo jumbo right 😉


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