P-E-R-C-E-P-T-I-O-N…you idiots! Stop marketing through your ass!

It’s simple…

I’ve become obsessed with Ted talks…I’ve seen everything from a 22 year old poet who brought a crowd of people to their feet, to a sexy sounding South American who talks about monkeys who solve conflict by having sex all day…it’s been interesting.

So today I settle down to watch the latest in these delicious eye-ball treats for my odious journey home on the tube. My choice: “Handspring Puppet Company: The genius puppetry behind War Horse”

Then I realise…I’d actually love to see that oddly incredible puppet thing walk the stage in real life…so off I go to Google, only to crash as I realise the poster below is the actual play in which the horse performs…


Why strange? Well besides the fact that the play is now over, my eyes must have glanced over that poster around 100 times since I first recalled seeing it 3/4 months ago. I could actually remember the times I saw your annoying horse eye peering at me while I ignore everyone on the escalator. For all intents and purposes, you may as well have shown me this:


What marketers and the knobs who put the War horse poster together need to learn, is that perceptions will always influence a persons idea of what you’re trying to sell.

You put a giant horse on a picture with a cool name, I’m going to assume it’s something boring…or horse racing. If I’m a fan of horse racing, I’d most likely prefer a pint and football to an educated experience at the theatre…so who are you targeting? The educated few who know the production and wonder why bookies have defaced their precious master piece? Even better…would you find these educated few in a tube station?

If you have a story as awesome to tell as the one in the TED video, why in Charlie Sheen’s name did you not use it to sell your brand? And yes…it’s a brand. Tomorrow someone could easily reply to my post with a “But we sold out every day for 3 months you shit!” that’s great Sparky, but if you didn’t advertise like a knob you’d have spent 1/4 of the costs next time round. So basically – go save a family in Africa or produce another dumb ass poster.


I’ll make your job real easy…


There! Done in Powerpoint in under 5min…now pay me £20,000+ you idiots.




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