My very first secret cinema experience – personal thoughts & business case

The fun hat:

So last night I had the pleasure of attending my very first secret cinema event…and it was pretty awesome!

For those of you who don’t know what this “secret cinema” thing is, well…the first rule about secret cinema is “you don’t talk about secret cinema”…kinda screwed the pooch on that one, but hey, I’m a nice guy and belive sharing is caring 🙂

Old movie aside, the set up before hand was what made it an experience. Jugglers, clowns, ballet dancers, old men writing behind old wooden desks…it was incredibly well thought out.


The film we saw was something called “The Red shoes”…I’m guessing this is where the guys from 10pm TV found their inspiration for the famous “diaries” 😉


The business hat:

One thing I couldn’t help myself thinking about last night was how in all this madness and awesome preporation, the idea to keep the events secret carries across in handicapped effect.

What I mean by “handicapped” is that their main sponsor is Windows phone, something I’m glad Nokia will soon be a part of, and even though they have this great opportunity to spread/share and amplify conversation online…they don’t! Look at this awesome augmented TV screen thing they had there (that’s me in the beany)


Imagine if they simply allowed for people using this to upload a quick vid to Facebook or Twitter…quick win. Imagine they took the whole idea of Secret cinema one step further and integrated RFID like Coke did at one of their parties. The reason I have such appreciation for Secret cinema moves far beyond my love for film, and kinda reaches to the inner social rebel that cringes at the sound of words like “buzz”, “social media”, “viral” etc…

The bottom line is, these guys have enough cut through by simply being awesome, and secretive (to a point) and allowing the people that actually experience the events to tell others how much ass it actually kicks…simple!

The closing:

You can check out some of the other amazing films they’ve done in the past, including Blade RunnerGhostbusters and Alien…God knows why I got stuck with a film from 1950 and a chick who’s greatest reaction to the camera was this:


Either way, it was an experience to remeber, and one I’ll surely enjoy again.


This is a pretty well cut video of the night:


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