This could be a “Prank war” office feud in the making – Webb-Messett battle board!

So a few weeks back I had the pleasure of gracing France with my awesome snowboard skills and beer belly…but before I left for this well deserved holiday, I obviously had to leave an overview of what the guys in the office would need to look after while I was away.

Being the kind of place where ppt. is churned out like steaks from a Texas butchery plant, I couldn’t help but create this super impressive handover document (the contents of the document have obviously been removed, but I left the pretty pictures in their for you!)

So, in reply to this powerful piece of genius, my work colleague  @Tom_Messett decided to poke the bear for no apparent reason! This was his handover document the following week when I returned…


Obviously this could not be tolerated… could it? Finding old photo’s of me through Facebook because I became your friend…your “friend” Tom! That’s not what friends do. Anyway, I decided it was time for a little retaliation and so the Webb-Messett battle began:

Riccardo wins one point 1-0: Chippendale dancing Messett


Thomas retaliates 1-1: Cool Ricc hanging with the ho’s


Think this friendly banter of fun needs to be taken OFFLINE soon…the cogs are turning Messett…be afraid…be very afraid.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Tom Messett says:

    Just a note… I am not your friend on Facebook Ricc! I got those pictures via a work account who happens to be a friend! 😉

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