Morethan Freeman ads redeem the Shawshank theme

Let me start this off by saying that these ads are NOT the actual voice of actor Morgan Freeman, they are the works of American comedian/actor Josh Robert Thompson who’s got some pretty funny Holywood impressions up his sleeve (see video below this picture), and secondly…they’re still pretty awesome 🙂


A few months back B.J. Lawsonand his “Lawson for congress” campaign raised quite a stir when the fools used a Morgan Freeman sounding voice in one of their ads…not stupid…but publicly announcing that it WAS Morgan Freeman when it clearly wasn’t is when they screwed the pooch.


On a lighter note, the below ads have recently been released by insurance company Morethan, and even though they’re treading the fine line between brilliance and Morgan Freeman’s prison boot up their ass…I kinda dig it, and the fact that they stuck to the Shawshank Redemption theme makes them all the more brilliant in my opinion.


Well, we’ll wait and see the reactions…little bit of bitching happening already from what I can see. You can also check the making of video at the end of this post…any initial thought are more than welcome, just don’t even think about ripping off Shawshank Redemption as one of the greatest movies of all time 😉 


Making of:


Pete Markey, marketing director of More Th>n, says “We want to build the brand – More Th>n is now 10-years old. Insurance is a serious business, and although we want to continue to show intelligent humour [in our ads], we don’t want to be silly.”



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