Horror channel – marketing case study of awesome!

Between bloody walls in German nightclubs, zombie stationary and interactive horror movies, 13th Street is by far one of my favourite sources for inspiration in the world of marketing & advertising.

13th Street is a tv channel specialising in action, suspense and horror…which means we’re off to a pretty good start already 🙂

Their use of experiential and Guerrilla marketing has truly made using these “buzz” words plausible. So below are a couple examples from 13th Street I could find and a short description of what they’re all about. I can only hope there’s more to find and more to come, as the level of awesomeness here would probably have W+K pissing on the street corner if they knew what kind of budgets these guys were working with.


1. “Blood bath” room installation

13th street wanted to promote the channel to their key audience in Germany, whilst sticking to the themes of the channel and obviously doing something that people would remeber. That’s why in the video below you can see what the agency, Jung von Matt, did to drive that nail in the head…


2. “Last call” interactive horror

To keep this short and to the point, the challenge here was that the audience should experience horror as never before. The idea, the first interactive horror movie in theaters.




3. 13th Street “Stationary of Horror”

Not a lot of explanation needed here, the pics below are what you’ll see if you ever get a fax/proposal from 13th Street in Germany. This is their corporate stationary and something I’m sure any employee or potential client will surely never forget.





4. 13th Street print ads

So moving away from Germany, another country who has a dedicated 13th Street channel is Spain. The wicked print ads you see below, playfully mock the stereotypical furniture/home ads you usually see every day. I’d love to see the billboard jackers pin these up all over a home store sometime 😉


I really love finding cool shit like this online, simply because inspiration is all we need to innovate. Once you have a desire to do something, improve on something or completely change something that inspires you (or pisses you off)…you have the two key ingredients: PASSION & MOTIVATION

Anyways, props to JVM, the agency behind each of these great ideas, glad to see that even though I can’t speak your language, you guys are still showing me your awesomeness in videos and pictures. 13th Street FTW!


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