Music & Sons of Anarchy

So I’d like to thank Don, Rich…! and Trev for making me write this God damn post 3:30am! I love you guys! 😉

Sons of Anarchy is a show on Fox that these awesome boys told me I had to watch…just finished season 2…and I’ll tell you what…this show just might be as awesome as they are.


Two things I’m writing about really, both to do with a song Don and Trev played for me one day while we were driving out to do some wakeboarding on a Wednesday afternoon, yip, that’s right…”driving”. (By the way, there was another song sung during this wonderful drive). Anyway, the song in SOA I’m talking about here is Straylight Run – Hands In The Sky, and the two things I wanted to bring up at 3:35am was this…

1. You gotta “EARN” the enjoyment of a song this awesome!

Anyone could have a quick listen to this song and say…”Meh, it’s pretty cool”, but watch 24 episodes of Sons of Anarchy and you “earn” the build up, excitement, story and pure epic brilliance of the song in it’s contextual glory! The best part is when people plant these little seeds in your head before you watch a series. You never hold on to the edge of your seat for it to pop up (because it’s a song) but when it does happen…ooo, do you get excited. Everyone says “dude! it’s that X that X told us about”

2. Bands can’t quit the fight!

This band released the song in 2005, 5 years later they appear in a TV show and get idiots like me with keyboards excited enough to write a whole post about it…at 3:40am! I’d love to get the figures of their video hits and downloads ever since their song aired on the show. It just amazes me how a band could possibly try and make it big, give it a bash and fail (not saying they did). 5 years later some guy working on a TV show who’s been tasked with the awesome job of maestro, remebers an old song he thougt was pretty cool or might suit the scene…BANG! BAND STARTS KICKING ASS! (if they’re still together of course)

Anyway, enough rubbish, it’s 4:00am so you must forgive me, here’s the song featured in the show:

And here’s the bands music video for the song…slightly different 😉




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