From shortcake to samurai swords…Skoda commercials rock!

I seriously loved this story from Skoda…


These guys aired an ad back in 2007 for the “Made of lovely stuff” campaign which seemed like an episode of Cake boss crossed with My little pony, anyway, this was all for their Skoda Fabia, a pretty dull looking car that probably carried enough fuel to feed a zippo.

Now…in the menacing year of 2010 they’ve released an new ad! And this is where the story gets pretty awesome…

The new ad has taken a very clever twist on the original to promote it’s new version of the Fabia, the vRS, which Evo describes as “…but with 228lb ft of torque it has Alfa 147 GTA-humbling muscle”

The new ad is so incredibly opposite to what the original was, that I wouldn’t be surprised if the guys at Fallon, the ad company, sat around their oak desks sipping whiskey and smoking cigars while contemplating the idea of a 3 year long ad campaign…“Ok, so get this…we make the car…out of cake! But then, but then…in the future when they finally learn how to make faster engines…we have an ad with vipers and samurai swords!”

Anyway, the new campaign is called “Made of Meaner stuff”…simple, effective, awesome! Enjoy the vid:

Check out the website as well, thanks to AdFreak for always getting me fired up enough to write something 😉

Just saw the ad aired on TV tonight…it’s amazing how, no matter how many places you’ve seen an ad or heard a song…it always seems to solidify itself in TV/RADIO



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  1. Anonymous says:

    I like that, A LOT.

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