The story of @RiccWebb and Sophia…the VW Polo

VW Polo 1.4 Trendline

Aka: Sophia


Sophia and I met August last year, it was a sunny day in Durban, round about tea time. The birds were chirping, people were smiling, babies were laughing and the sun was glistening off the fine metallic ass Sophia boasts so proudly. This was the day I collected my brand new VW Polo, and it was a day I shall never forget.


I drove Sophia off the show room floor with no radio, seeing as I was going to have a better one installed when I got back to Jo’burg. So I headed off to Ballito for my first “Holiday alone”, something I needed to accomplish for my bucket list.


I was on my way to a friends flat which was situated right near the beach, no friends, no family not even an acquaintance in the near by vicinity. It was a holiday to reflect on all the awesomeness I’ve seen and been apart of in my life leading up to this point, and Sophia would be right there, parked beautifully undercover to share this splendid moment with me.


Sophia and I have seen many wondrous things together, and it hurts to realise that maybe it’s just time that the two of us went our separate ways. I will be living in Italy/UK and I promise to reflect on some of the awesome places Sophia took me:
– Ballito
– Birds of prey sanctuary
– Valley of 1000 hills and crocodile park
– Rugby game at Loftus
– Greensleeves Camelot, most beautiful place ever
– Planetarium
– Lory Park to swim with tigers
– Komquet restaurant, best Sunday breakfasts ever
– Chad & Elitza’s wedding
– Rob’s bachelor party and fire flairing
– First freebord experience in Krugersdorp
– First off-road bike experience with Nica
– Tempo’s to see Ataris
– Cool Runnings Fourways for my 24 birthday
– First date with Tessa in Bedfordview


These are just some of the awesome places Sophia and I have seen together, and I can only say that the person who owns this sexy piece of ass after I do needs to make sure they will accept the responsibility of “AWESOME” and see places they haven’t seen before, meet people they haven’t met before and high-5 everyone they can along the way.

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